Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Over the past few years a common question has been, are polycarbonate greenhouses better than glass panel greenhouses? This is a tricky question as each side has its advantages and also its disadvantages so the question is which one will suit you the most, and which one will care for your needs and what you will be using your green house for. There are so many things a greenhouse can be used for and some types of greenhouses are better for some things than they are for others.

, Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Greenhouses can be used for many things and the type of greenhouse you choose needs to suit your needs. They can be used for growing plants, growing vegetables and growing flowers! If you are growing flowers some people may want their greenhouse to be attractive and a nice place in the garden where they can go and relax. And to be honest, both polycarbonate and glass greenhouses can both do this depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend on one. Your budget usually always makes how good quality a greenhouse you get and what brand or make you also choose. Obviously there are some brands which are more expensive and provide higher quality greenhouses.

They may be better quality by having a better, stronger frame or even stronger clearer glass which provides good warmth for the plants or whatever you decide to grow in your greenhouse. Everything is up to you and with greenhouses it always is! Another major thing you need to think about when buying a glass greenhouse or polycarbonate greenhouse is that it needs to be suitable to your climate. It can be suitable by having certain features which you think would apply to you and your surroundings and surrounding temperature.

A good example of this is that if you live in a very hot area or country you will want one which has thick enough glass or protection to protect whatever you are growing from the sun as the sun can have devastating effects on what you are growing. Sunlight is definitely good for them but too much sunlight can be hazardous, your crops can shrivel up and slowly but surely die and that is every gardeners nightmare, and if the greenhouse retains all that heat then even during the night your plants will never have a rest from the heat of the sun which is not a good environment for them.

So first off when buying either type of greenhouse you need to see how well it retains the heat and how long it will retain it for. It isn’t just how much it retains it is how long it retains it for. If the frame and glass or specific material is strong or thick it may not hold the heat as well as a more thin one. This is due to the fact that the heat will get into the greenhouse easier but this is not always the case as sometimes it can lose the heat as quickly as it gains it, so it can be unpredictable. You really need to be looking for one which holds enough heat to last the night but not over feed the plants or crops with heat from the sun. When buying one you should read or ask about how much heat is detained.

If you don’t get this part of it right then you may suffer serious consequences with your plants and overall greenhouse health. One of the outcomes may be that your greenhouse will be too cold during the night time and then the crops will be too cold also and you will have to leave an electric radiator out to keep them warmer some of these can be set on timers or thermostats. These can be not too much of a problem but they are often not the safest to leave on so a thermostat is definitely necessary for these conditions. It basically means that the radiator will turn on when it gets to a specific temperature and stay on till the greenhouse goes a bit above the temperature the thermostat is set to. The danger of this is that in very cold places or countries will cause the radiator to be on the majority of the time which may be a fire hazard, especially during the night!

Another outcome is that the greenhouse will be far too warm and even throughout the night your crops will also be too warm to survive or to grow. This is basic knowledge but if you don’t follow this advice then it could be fatal for your crop. Just picture this, if a human was to get non-stop heat for 24/hours a day there would be devastating effects on their health, this is the same thing with plants.

So whether you are buying a polycarbonate greenhouse or a normal glass greenhouse you will have to take all of these steps into consideration and make your choice wisely and precisely to your needs and surroundings. Really whether you choose polycarbonate or glass it doesn’t matter too much it is just your own preference. And no one can hide the fact that there are a lot of new advantages with polycarbonate greenhouses opposed to normal greenhouses one thing about normal glass ones is that in some cases they can’t be beaten, they are traditional and do the job very well and in a lot of people’s opinions they are much more effective than polycarbonate ones.

But that said there is a new era of polycarbonate type arising in the gardening world due to its growing popularity and many advantages! Some argue that the frames are the big persuaders in the argument as they are far stronger than the average glass ones; they can withstand higher gale forces and definitely are more efficient in what they do. So whatever you do choose make sure that you take everything stated in this article into consideration and make your choice a wise one! Good luck on whatever greenhouse you choose.