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Bio Green electric fan heater Palma digital, 2000W – with Digital thermostat

Finding a sturdy, well built, fully functional, and reliable greenhouse heater is hard when you have a big greenhouse to look after. The market is flooded with greenhouse heaters but picking the right one is challenging.

The internet is full of greenhouse heaters, but we have prepared a simple guide that helps you identify all the features you might be looking for in your greenhouse heater.

But before you jump into the features, take a look at some factors which will help to pick one.

Here are some factors you should consider before buying a greenhouse heater. 

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Heating Output

Every greenhouse heater’s heating output differs. The heater you choose is dependent on your need. For instance, if you own a standard sized greenhouse, you will need a high heat output heater provided your basic need is to keep the environment inside frost-free. 

Also, if you don’t need a temperature higher than 7 to 10 Celsius to keep plants tender, a low power out heater will do. 

Tropical plants need a warm and damp environment, which will require a high output greenhouse heater. The energy output should be 2kw or higher. Many heaters offer a range of thermostat settings so you can set it accordingly. 

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are the most viable appliances nowadays. With greenhouse electric heaters the main advantage is the thermostat which allows you to be in full control of the temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, no more energy is consumed unless required to balance the temperature again. 

You do need to keep it away from water, but no matter the moisture in the greenhouse, the electric heaters are fully functional. These are easy to use, very efficient, and generate good power, enough to keep your greenhouse insulated. 


Keep your budget in mind but also remember that good quality comes with expensive price tags. However, greenhouse heaters are available within a budget-friendly range. 

The price of a particular heater also depends on its power outsource, features, and durability. Just pick what suits your greenhouse the best but also be sure not to go over your budget. 

The Bio Green electric fan heater Palma comes with a digital thermometer and an impressive set of features that suit all your needs to create an ideal greenhouse indoor environment. Here is everything you need to know about buying this appliance. 

Green House Size

You should always buy an electric fan heater which can keep a stable temperature at all four corners of the greenhouse.

The bigger the greenhouse, the more powerful the energy output generator you will need. Don’t always look for the reviews, buy a product which suits your needs the best. 


Bio Green Electric fan heater is a robust, compact yet very powerful appliance designed beautifully and adds a unique addition to your greenhouses, garages, cellars, and workshops. At first glance, it has a stylish housing is made from stainless steel and impact-resistant plastics. 

This greenhouse electric heater occupies a space of 35.5 x 29 x 28.5 cm and weighs 5.22 kilograms. The power source type is corded electric, and you can easily plug it in where ever a plug-in point is available. 


A Powerful Greenhouse Heater 

Biogreen has an output of 2000watts. This makes it powerful enough to circulate air at the speed of 400m^3/h helping distribute the warm air quickly, regulating a constant temperature inside the greenhouse and removing cold pockets. 

Digital Thermostat

No need to buy a separate thermometer for your greenhouse temperature check when you are already getting a digital one with Biogreen! The Electronic Digital thermostat is ideal for precise, accurately controlled readings to +/- 2*C.

It can be mounted near the plug-in, and it shows temperature ranges between -50C to +99C, which is suitable for most plant needs. 

Greater energy efficiency is also achieved as electronic thermostats have instant switching upon reaching temperature. Once the optimum temperature is reached, the appliance stops consuming energy and only consumes when it needs to balance the temperature. 

The Thermo 2 digital thermostat also allows you to ventilate the greenhouse, ensuring that the air is free of condensation, which might be harmful for the plants.  

The controlled temperate provides frost protection. 

IPX4 Rated

The stainless housing and IPX4 rated protection makes it safe to use and the appliance is well protected making it splash proof in all directions so watering the plants won’t be such a hassle after all! 

Area Coverage 

The Biogreen is a powerful appliance that claims to heat areas up to 39 sq.ft greenhouses. It also provides frost-free protection up to 100 sq. ft. 


Palma is not only an ideal solution for big greenhouses but small ones also as it is compact. The slip-resistant rubber feet and the carrying handles make it easily portable. You can place it directly facing the plants which require heat the most and away from those which required a varied temperature. 

Ease of Operation

Selecting the desired temperature is easy. You can mount the digital thermostat at eye-level, and the sensor also anywhere viable for you. 


You can use the knobs to turn the fan on and off according to your requirement. You can choose between heat or not heat. 


Overall, Bio Green electric fan heater Palma digital, 2000W – with Digital thermostat is a good value for money. Whether you have a small greenhouse or a big one, this greenhouse electric fan heater will be worth every penny spent.

It is durable so buying one quality appliance is much better than changing to a new cheap greenhouse heater every alternate year. 

What’s more is that Biogreen has all the necessary features to keep your plants healthy. It is designed to meet the safety standards, is suitable to be operated in damp environments, which is often found in greenhouses, and the powerful motor will ventilate and heat up the place within a short period of time. 

User-friendly and easily portable, what else could you ask!

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