Gardman Greenhouse

Gardman 8′ x 6′ Aluminium Garden Greenhouse Frame, polycarbonate pack, galvanised base, base anchors and assembly tool Review

The Gardman aluminium garden greenhouse is definitely one of the best polycarbonate greenhouses I have seen in a very long time on the market. It provides a good quality, strong and durable frame as well as amazing quality polycarbonate which are sure to provide you with the best greenhouse you can get for your garden and it will provide you with the best growth and heat that you can get for the money. If I’m honest I would say that you cannot get a better greenhouse of this type anywhere else.

There are so many interesting features with this greenhouse. It is definitely a simple one but it does the job that is needed to be done and it withstands a lot over a long period of time. This is extremely important with a greenhouse as they need to withstand all 4 seasons during the year. And most importantly they need to withstand unexpected strong winds! These can happen at the most awkward of times and for a lot of greenhouses it can cause them to collapse or break glass or for the frame to break. It can be fatal and wind is definitely one of the worst culprits out there for destroying greenhouses.

, Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Another thing that this Gardman greenhouse has is that it is very waterproof. In extreme cases of rain it has still proven to withstand and keep out the feared flooding so it will act as a safe haven for your plants or vegetables etc. All of these things are definitely needed in a greenhouse and this Gardman polycarbonate greenhouse does all of these and stops all of the problems stated to the highest bar and standard. It definitely is an amazing greenhouse which will suit almost every gardener.

Gardman have been known to always provide great greenhouses which withstand almost anything. They are made of some of the best quality materials and are definitely manufactured to perfection. With this greenhouse there is definitely no exceptions, it has ticked all the boxes and many more! It comes with a galvanised steel base which is painted green. This gives an extra 5 inches of head room which is much needed in most greenhouses nowadays. The base is also very strong and will also withstand a lot.

The polycarbonate is twin walled which provides safety for pets and children. And the frame is coated in green with one roof vent to air the place out as well. It is good that there is only one vent as too many vents make the greenhouse far too cold and heat is vital. It also retains the heat well (but not too much) and will keep a good standard heat throughout the night and a radiator will definitely not be needed. It should never be so warm that your plants or crops can’t withstand it!

Overall this polycarbonate greenhouse is one of the best on the market and it cannot be beaten for the amount of quality and durability which comes under the price!