Electric heater for Greenhouse

Bio Green electric fan heater Palma digital, 2000W – with Digital thermostat
Finding a sturdy, well built, fully functional, and reliable greenhouse heater is hard when you have a big greenhouse to look after. The market is flooded with greenhouse heaters but picking the right one is challenging.
The internet is full of greenhouse heaters, but we […]

LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater

Value for money Greenhouse heater
If you are looking for a cheap electric greenhouse heater that is reliable and ensures all your exotic plants thrive through the colder months? Then, your choice should be none other than LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse heater.
Let’s start with the basics.
What is a greenhouse heater?
Your greenhouse needs some basic elements to grow […]

Best Greenhouses UK

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New Alternative Spare Very Clear Cover For Walk In Greenhouse Suits Most Stroll Greenhouses
Roof Structure Vent
Eden Burford Garden Greenhouse 6×6

Took me a couple of days in total including the planning of the surface and the levelling of the foundation. Instructions fairly straight forward for those who have some DIY knowledge. Free delivery in order to […]

Small Greenhouse

[get_the_post_thumbnail]The average person doesn’t have the money or the room to put up a greenhouse but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Just make yourself one! You’ll be able to grow fresh herbs, flowers and more and you won’t even have to go outside. Your greenhouse can be indoors where it’s much easier to […]