LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater

Value for money Greenhouse heater

If you are looking for a cheap electric greenhouse heater that is reliable and ensures all your exotic plants thrive through the colder months? Then, your choice should be none other than LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse heater.

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Let’s start with the basics.

What is a greenhouse heater?

Your greenhouse needs some basic elements to grow and develop. These include:

  • Nutrients and water is needed for plants to grow well.
  • Light and temperature also play a major role in keeping the plant growth maintained. Since greenhouses are primarily windows, a prevalent problem is cold air spaces.

These can be problematic in keeping the temperature of the greenhouse under control. Greenhouse heaters can help resolve this problem. These create a controlled temperature for the plants to thrive.

Greenhouse heaters regulate a temperature, which ensures that the temperature in the greenhouse isn’t too hot. The thermostats in greenhouse heaters are easy to set for temperature regulation.

Where are greenhouse heaters placed?

Greenhouse heaters are to be placed in greenhouses where the temperature needs to be regulated.

This is preferably a central spot away from water or very damp surroundings. Make sure to keep it nearer the plants which need a warmer temperature and away from those which don’t.

What heater sizes are considered for greenhouses?

The bigger the greenhouse is, the more powerful greenhouse heater you will need. The main concept behind these heaters is to effectively provide heat and insulation.

If your greenhouse is already insulated, it will need a less powerful greenhouse heater. Most people have small greenhouses, so a 2kw model is sufficient to regulate heat.


Quality and price go hand in hand. However, you might also sometimes find appliances with all your preferred features at a suitable price range. Always pick a greenhouse heater, depending on the insulation needed and the features you are looking for.

Electric Heaters

There are a lot of electric greenhouse heaters in the market, and it makes the selection harder. The main advantage of electric heaters is that their thermostats which make them energy-saving mechanisms.

The plus point with electric heaters is that once the environment is controlled, the appliance stops using electricity until it is required again.

For anyone who is looking forward to buying a LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater, here is everything you need to know about the 2kw Greenhouse heater.


The 2kw Greenhouse Heater keeps the greenhouse temperature under control. It has a robust built and comes in a strong metal casing, making it suitable for damp outdoor environments. Measurements: 230x198x320, 2kW Fan only: 25W IPX4 rated. This heater can heat up a greenhouse, which measures up to 8×12.

It weighs about 4.04 Kilograms, which means it is portable, easy to lift and carry.

Comes with a plug-in cable. It can be plugged in any socket, and the cable is long enough for moving it around is easy.

The greenhouse heater is painted green, so it seamlessly blends into the surroundings.


This product has all the essentials you need to keep the greenhouse environment controlled. This is a rugged heater fan combo, which is best for ventilation purposes as well.

This compact yet sturdy heater features a handy carry, which makes the mobility of the appliance very easy. You can literally put it anywhere in the greenhouse.

Thermostatic Control

This is another great feature as it serves as an energy saving mechanism as well as a regulator. The 2kw electric greenhouse heater helps in keeping the temperature under your control, most suitable for your plants.

The Fan

This is yet another amazing feature as this appliance is equipped with a 3-speed fan. You can adjust the speed according to your needs. The speed at which the fans work is 186 m³/hr. 

How is this healthy for the plant? As controlled wind speeds ventilate the greenhouse, it keeps plants healthy by preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

It also keeps the water vapors in circulation, so it doesn’t get too transpired, damp or hot, which are unsuitable temperatures for specific plants. The fan does not supply heat all the time, so it keeps the greenhouse ventilated, and you are in control.

You are in Control

You are in control of these features:

Half power (single element)

Full power (both elements)

Fan only (no heat)

The Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater is further equipped with options that are totally under your control. The built-in thermostat is very helpful in sustaining your desired temperature.

The fan heater is an excellent feature as it not only doubles the air circulation but also in warmer months, the heater can be switched off to no heat option and fan only.

Selecting the “half power” option heats the greenhouse at 1kw, thus saving on power consumption when intense heat is not required. This option can be used in moderate months. When colder months call, you can turn on the full power (both element option).

All the operations are under your thumb and very easy to comprehend and operate.


With a powerful motor, this appliance can heat up to 8×12 greenhouse. Possibly even a little bigger if you only want it frost-free.


Since this appliance is built in metal, it has an easy to carry handle, and a sturdy make, so, it does guarantee durability. You can rely on it if you are looking for trusted thermo regulators, which won’t consume a lot of energy and will last long.


The value for money is excellent. It has a range of features that are easy to use and lets you in full control without any hassle. It is a solid built, and for small greenhouses, this is a good choice for the price range.

Keeping the features in mind, the LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse heater will not disappoint you. It is sturdily built, you can easily control the temperature and even the fan speed settings.

Robust, reliable, and easy to use, it has all the features you could as to keep your plants healthy and to thrive in all weathers.

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